On Giving Tuesday, a new BINJ site

Your source for independent media in Mass

Dear Readers & Supporters,

This is an exciting one to write. In addition to the usual updates about news, events, and features—and we have plenty of those announcements as well—we are thrilled to introduce our new dedicated BINJ website. You can check it out at binjonline.org.

I won’t over-explain why we haven’t had a site until now. Basically, we’re not a direct-to-consumer product, but instead publish through partner outlets, whether that’s El Planeta, The Shoestring in Western Mass, Worcester Magazine, or DigBoston.

At the same time, in loading content onto the BINJ site and re-reading old features and columns in the process it became clear that our supporters, as well as the general public, will only stand to benefit from having our work in one place.

We’re proud of everything we’ve done (it’s not all posted yet, but we’re getting there), and we thank everyone who has helped make it happen. Moving forward, we hope to do much more, and we’ll need YOU.

Please consider us on this important day of giving. It’s like helping all your favorite causes at once.


Chris Faraone, Editorial Director



Digging deeper into the abyss of reckless unchecked state spending on guns and ammo

We are extremely excited about this ongoing project. Thanks to an Online News Association (ONA) grant that we received along with MuckRock and the Emerson College Engagement Lab, we will continue digging on multiple topics related to guns in the Commonwealth well into 2019. Our latest is a follow-up to Fire Sale Pt. 1, and is our attempt to keep Mass purchasing officials and law enforcement authorities accountable for questionable procurement decisions.


Help with our investigation

WHAT: Are you interested in doing serious journalism? Want to work with our team? Come join BINJ, MuckRock, and the Emerson Engagement Lab at this open newsroom to help us dig through public records related to police militarization and gun sales in Mass.

WHEN: Monday, December 10

  • 5-6pm: Setup and mingle (light food and refreshments served)

  • 6-6:30pm: Introduction to data and research technology

  • 6:30-7:30pm: Interactive open newsroom

  • 7:30-8pm: Closing and action items

WHERE: encuentro 5, 9 Hamilton Place, Boston

*Laptop or smartphone not required but could come in handy. Session will feature introduction and instruction plus hands-on research in which attendees can contribute to our ongoing investigation into firearm sales in the Commonwealth.